God has called us and others to an exciting future


Roly and Susan Heaney moved to Redcross in 1990 with their young family. Here they settled into life in a rural parish which was rewarding, however they always felt God had more in store. They spent ten years crying out and praying continually for God to come and impact this area through their ministry and churches. 

Just as they felt change was impossible, Roly and Susan had an encounter with God through Pastor John Anderson. God had called John through a dream, all the way from Texas to Enniskerry in County Wicklow. Here he ended up at the gathering 'Powerscourt 2000'. The Heaneys met John and found that they came from remarkably  similar small villages a few thousand miles apart, however the church in Peaster Texas had a growing population of 1000 people. 

Roly got an opportunity to visit this church and whilst there God spoke into his ministry and gave him a vision for the future, reminding us that nothing is impossible with God's power.  

Redcross Church began to transform into a church that reached out to the local community with church services that provided worship and talks that spoke to all ages. As the vision grew, Roly and Susan found that the church began to fill with young families and youth, which was often rare in rural churches. through listening to God and being obedient to him, Roly and Susan pioneered Redcross Church to become a thriving community, that loves God whole-heartedly and is seeking him daily . A church that welcomes everyone and provides a place of healing and restoration for those in need.

With a vision for a church to impact this nation, we are excited for what God still has instore for Redcross Church as we continue to grow and listen in him. We believe that nothing is impossible in him.