Growing And learning Together

In Redcross we value discipleship and the need for it in our church.  We seek to make disciples that will go into the nations full of  sound biblical teaching and the Holy Spirit. 

Small Groups - We have a variety of small groups in the church that will suit you and your schedule. Small groups are an important time for fellowship and discussion. For more information and details on small groups please contact Scarlett or the Office at

Courses-  Equipping you on your journey with God at whatever stage you're at. We run courses such as Alpha and Freedom in Christ at different times of the year alongside our own training courses in prayer, healing, the gifts of the spirit and hearing God. We will let you know when these are happening along with the necessary details. 

Mens Discipleship Breakfast- A gathering of men who look to support each other as they pursue God. Meeting fortnightly on a Saturday morning in Ashford Heritage Centre (7.45-9.30am) to look at different topics and questions, please check the calendar for more information. 

Sunday Nights @ Redcross - Sunday nights @ Redcross is a chance to dive deeper into God's spirit and teaching. With Guest speakers, in depth topics and worship where we can wait on the Holy Spirit and draw closer to Gods glory in an intimate and safe environment. 

Worship Rooms- Once a month at Sunday Nights @ Redcross we have Worship Rooms; a place to draw closer to God through creativity and worship,where personal prayers become corporate as we cry out to God together and press into his Glory.